Free Online HSE Stress Control Programme

HSE Health and Wellbeing are offering the next free online Stress Control programme from Monday November 29th that teaches practical skills to deal with stress.

The six sessions are 90 minutes each and cover different topics. Participants are encouraged to watch all sessions, but participants can join at any stage for one or more sessions. 

Please note that these classes are recorded and can be done from home in your own time. To watch back on previous stress control programmes, you can visit the Stress Control Online YoutTube channel here.

To register visit

Session One: 9am Monday 29th November (available until 11pm Wednesday 1st December)

Session Two: 9am Thursday 2nd (available until 11pm Sunday 5th)

Session Three: 9am Monday 6th (available until 11pm Wednesday 8th)

Session Four: 9am Thursday 9th (available until 11pm Sunday 12th)

Session Five: 9am Monday 13th (available until 11pm Wednesday 15th)

Session Six: 9am Thursday 16th (available until 11pm Sunday 19th)

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